When designing chinacleanroom , it is important to acquire the actualization and options attainable to ensure bargain activity burning and acquiescence with the adapted cleanliness standards. Accepted actualization and alternative accessories are listed below:

Common sizes of Fan Clarify Units are 24”x48” and 24”x24”, advised to fit into accepted abundant assignment cleanroom axle grids.Plenum and anatomy architecture is about comminute or corrective aluminum, with alternative stainless animate for ambitious environments.

Two types of filters are available: HEPA filters (99.99% adeptness at .3µm atom size) and ULPA filters (99.999% at .12 µm) for added acrimonious atom control.

Filter anatomy styles awning the accepted bench-top dispensable filter, which requires the abatement of the assemblage from the axle for clarify replacement, and the room-side disposable filter, with an chip gel allowance which allows clarify changes to be completed beneath the installed unit.

There are two attainable motor options: EC and PSC. The acceptance of EC motors has been accretion over PSC motors. EC motors activity college activity adeptness and adeptness to affairs for affiliated flow, and can be controlled with an alien signal, such as through a Building Automation Acclimation (BAS) or BACnet system.

An Aerosol Analysis Acclimation (ATS) is available. This acclimation eliminates the charge to accretion admission to any ductwork or adequateness aloft the axle to complete the Aerosol Challenge and verify able assemblage and clarify operation. The ATS allows for aerosol to be injected into the FFU, upstream of the filter, through an chip 3/8” NPT anchorage which is attainable through the face of the unit.

There are several options for authoritative the Fan Clarify Units depending on the akin of ascendancy and monitoring/feedback desired.

Basic airflow ascendancy on PSC and EC motors is able with a capricious acceleration bite to set motor acceleration and the resultant airflow. This is about set already at acclimation startup and abandoned adapted if altitude or set credibility change in the future. Clashing PSC motors, which are not programmable, EC motors can be acclimated with a affiliated breeze affairs to advance a adapted airflow set point.

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